Best Godot Tutorials & Courses for Game Developers Online

5 Best Godot Tutorials & Courses for Game Developers Online

Game development is more accessible than ever.

This is because many tools are free, and an explosion of online tutorials make game creation something anyone can do.

In this article we are going to look at the best courses and tutorials for learning Godot, a free, open-source game development platform.

These tutorials will provide you with all the learning resources you need to become a Godot developer.

Here are the top 5 Godot courses and tutorials online in 2019.

1. Android Game Development with Godot Engine – Create 5 Games!
2. Godot 3 Complete Developer Course – 2D and 3D
3. How To Become A Game Developer Using Godot Game Engine 3
4. Learn Godot Making a Fun Pirate Trading Game
5. Godot Getaway: The Godot Course

1. Android Game Development with Godot Engine – Create 5 Games!

Welcome to the Complete Course of Game Creation for Android!

In this Godot course you will learn everything necessary to create your Games from the beginning!

Here you will learn to use the newest tool for Game Development, the Godot Engine, which is not only intuitive, but also completely free and limitless.

This is Godot tutorial is best for you if you have a desire to create your own game even if you are a complete beginner with no previous coding experience.

2. Godot 3 Complete Developer Course – 2D and 3D

In this best selling Godot course you will learn how to develop games using Godot and its own scripting language: GDScript. 

You will start by learning how to use the language and keep moving on until you learn how to export and publish your games, this way you’ll not only learn how to create 2D and 3D games, but also how to share them.

Godot is an awesome open source engine that gives you the ability to create awesome 2D and 3D games and export them to the Web, Linux, Windows, OSX, Android and iOS with a single code base.

This course is based on projects, this way you won’t just learn how to use the functionalities provided to us by Godot, but also apply them on complete games.

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At the end of most modules, you’ll be given assignments so you can overcome problems on your own and apply what you’ve learned thought out all of the modules. 

3. How To Become A Game Developer Using Godot Game Engine 3

Do you want to learn the basics of Godot Game Engine 3 and build a small platform game?

In the first half of this top rated Godot tutorial, you will be going over how to utilize the features of Godot Game Engine to make games.

  • The Node System
  • Functions, Variables, And If Statements
  • Detecting Player Input

Then you will be building a platform game which includes

  • A player that can be controlled by keyboard input.
  • An enemy that walks back and forth, that the player can jump on
  • A small-scale world

Godot is a growing game engine, that continues to gain more and more users.

This course is designed for absolute beginners who are looking for a place to get started using the game engine!

4. Learn Godot Making a Fun Pirate Trading Game

This popular Godot tutorial was designed to be a fast based course to get you into advanced topics quickly.

This course follows the process you would use in real world iterative game design.

You build simple prototypes that you can get up and running quickly. Then as you better define your gameplay you refactor and implement improved game architecture so you can add more features.

The result is a course that will help you with any game you wish to build out. 

Finding the right balance between rapid progress and prototyping and creating a solid game architecture you can build on is a key to successful game design.

5. Godot Getaway: The Godot Course

Learn intermediate Godot techniques as you make an online multiplayer car game in a procedurally generated 3D city.

You’ll use GDScript to make a cops-and-robbers game set to a bouncy electro-swing soundtrack using custom made assets from Blender and Ardour.

In this top rated Godot course on Udemy, you’ll be focusing on making a single, large project rather than a bunch of smaller ones.  

Your focus will be as much on that game development pipeline as the techniques you’ll be using, and you’ll simulate what it takes to make a small scale indie game from scratch.

The course will be written in Godot’s native GDScript, which is a dynamic language that’s powerful, versatile and quick to work in.

Choosing a game development environment frequently means choosing a programming language.

Godot currently directly supports C++, C#, and GDScript. They are also working on VisualScript, a code-free node based programming system similar to Unreal Engine’s Blueprint system.

So why not get started learning Godot today by taking one of these best selling Godot tutorials on Udemy?

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